Danielle Staub (source: Bravo)

July 29 is Danielle Staub’s birthday.

I don’t really watch the “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” so I wasn’t paying attention when Danielle Staub returned to the show. Recently, while researching the show for the project I’m working on, I watched almost all of the RHONJ reunion shows. However, I haven’t made it to Season 9. According to the link above, someone named Kim accuses Danielle Staub of faking a lesbian relationship for the sake of the show. What have I been missing?

I stopped watching “New Jersey” a long time ago because I couldn’t stand Caroline’s bossiness and Teresa’s idiocy. I honestly thought that “prostitution whore” Danielle Staub wasn’t a terrible housewife, but what I gathered from the reunion was that the rest of the cast didn’t want to film with her.

Leo women don’t do too well on these shows. Carole Radziwill made it through a few seasons of “New York,” but fought with her fixed-sign co-stars, Luann and Bethenny. Tinsley Mortimer hasn’t been able to click with the RHONY ladies, either. The other Leo cast members I can recall only lasted a single season, including Tiffany Hendra on “Dallas,” Amber Marchese on “New Jersey” and Peggy Sulihian on “Orange County.”

In theory, Leo women should make terrific “Housewives.” They adore the spotlight and living in an over-the-top fashion. In practice, they almost always end up cast on shows with an overabundance of Taurus and Scorpio women. Watching women with fixed sun signs fighting with each other can grow tired very fast. How many times can you see someone say “I’m never going to talk to that bitch again!” before you just tune out?

The only other sign that has had a poorer representation on a “Housewives” show is Aquarius: Leo’s opposite sign. That’s a dynamic I would like to see now that Denise Richards is finally giving “Beverly Hills” a good look at how an Aquarius woman operates in these circumstances (Kenya Moore doesn’t count because she is insane). Maybe the spot that Lisa Vanderpump vacated will be filled with a Leo housewife. Maybe Danielle Staub will move to Beverly Hills and finally find her place in the sun.

I can dream, can’t I?

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