Cool It Now by New Edition (source: Apple Music)

The sun is currently in Leo and the moon is currently in Cancer. When both luminaries are in the signs over which they rule, people can be quite confident in their abilities — overconfident, really.

The configuration only lasts a couple of days, and it precedes tomorrow evening’s new moon in Leo. The Leo new moon is a terrific time to initiate new projects that benefit from overconfidence. Nevertheless, Mercury is virtually stuck in the sky right now. It turns direct tomorrow just minutes after the new moon is exact.

You might want to take on the world because of the current cosmic climate. You might want to shout from the rooftops. You might even want to burn down the house. My advice, however, is to cool it for now. The Mercury station can be especially troublesome when people are emboldened by this sun/moon position. Their own self interest is their focus, and that can cause the problems typically associated with a Mercury retrograde for the rest of us. The real danger is with miscommunication or inattentiveness. For a couple of days, the problems you encounter will likely be caused because someone else was focused on themselves instead of being focused on the task at hand.

Just remember that you’re also likely to cause someone else some inconvenience over the next few days. We’re all going to be a little too self-interested to understand how our actions are impacting the lives of those around us. By the weekend, everything should start to get back to normal. Until then, try to exhibit a little Leonine grace and accept that the world doesn’t revolve around you when things don’t go your way.

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