Stargard (source: YouTube)

This is a photo of Stargard, a legendary trio who had a little success in the late seventies. Their track, “Theme Song from ‘Which Way Is Up?’,” is the funkiest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

The reason I was thinking of that song this morning is that today’s Mercury station is a mere 4″ away from my midheaven in the tenth house, and Saturn is making a retrograde conjunction with my natal sun at the same time. What’s outstanding about these two events is that they are occurring on the same day that I am officially losing the job I’ve had for the last fifteen months, and on the same day that a new moon arrives in my tenth house.

I’m not really upset about that because I was seriously underemployed. I needed a cosmic kick in the ass to find something else to do. I’ve got some vacation pay saved up, and I was given a bonus to stay on until the place where I was working changed hands. I might end up working there again, or I might move onto something else. For the moment, however, I’m eager to explore all the possibilities the universe has to offer me.

Saturn conjunct the natal sun can be a figurative “rock bottom” for a lot of people. For a Capricorn like me, it represents a challenge in the way that a steep rock face challenges a mountain goat. I don’t have to ask for directions because I instinctively know that the only way to go is up, and to be perfectly honest, I’m feeling rather surefooted with the sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars all in my tenth house today, and Mercury stuck on my MC.

So, I’m not going to let this current state of affairs worry me. I’ve not only got prospects and talent to spare, but I’ve got the planets on my side. If I looked at Saturn as an enemy of mine, I might be more concerned. But that’s not really the Capricorn thing to do, is it? We goats need to climb . . .

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