Riccardo Tisci (source: Evening Standard)

I went on famousbirthdays.com today to check out the celebrity birthdays. In the “Fashion Designer” category alone, I found FOUR mistakes.

First of all, Simon Doonan was not born on August 1. His birthday is October 30. Years ago, I interviewed him upon the release of one of his books and subsequently sent him birthday greetings via email (to which he graciously responded) for a couple of years afterward.

Also, Simon Doonan is not a fashion designer. He is a lot of things, but he isn’t a fashion designer.

Next, Riccardo Tisci, perhaps the most influential Leo designer in the world, isn’t included on today’s birthdays. I searched for his birthday on the site, and it’s listed as August 8. Wrong!

Also, Charles Jeffrey is included in today’s birthdays. According to his Instagram page, today is the fifth anniversary of his label, Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY. I’m not sure when his actual birthday is, but I could probably email a friend in London and find out in about five minutes from Charles Jeffrey himself.

Just the other day, I read an article on “The Atlantic” about how popular the site “Famous Birthdays” has become. The reporter actually cites the accuracy of the database. That’s some shitty journalism. I just found FOUR mistakes on one subcategory alone.

It’s quite pathetic, really. How f***ing hard is it to maintain a birthday database that gets twenty million unique visitors a month?

Seriously, how do people who do such shitty work get jobs? Only in America, I suppose . . .

EDITED TO ADD: Charles Jeffrey’s birthday is listed correctly on “Famous Birthdays” according to my friend in London (who even shared a photo with me from his birthday in 2016 as evidence). I apologize to the website and admit that they are not as terrible as I had indicated above. There were only THREE mistakes on the August 1 page in the “Fashion Designers” category.

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