The Genesis of the Moon (source: Universe Today)

Just a few minutes ago, I was sitting here thinking about what I wanted to blog about today, when I noticed that the moon was void of course. That means that it had just made its last major aspect before moving into the next sign of the zodiac.

According to astrological lore, the void of course moon is a good time to put most things off. With only a couple of minutes  before the moon moved from Leo to Virgo, I thought that I should sit back and wait for the moon to enter Virgo before I started writing a new blog post.

I was hoping that inspiration might hit me like a bolt from the blue, or like a gigantic asteroid crashing into the earth, but astrology doesn’t really work that way. Or does it?

Now that the moon has switched signs, however, I keep looking at the clock on my computer screen wondering if it’s too early to go outside and mow my lawn before it gets hot outside. Suddenly, I’ve gone from a Leonine concern (what to blog about today in order to feed my ego as part of this ongoing vanity project), to a Virgo concern (the grass is so long that my neighbors probably think I’m a lazy Libra).

See, astrology really does work . . .

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