Karlie Kloss & Joshua Kushner (source: Teen Vogue)

August 3 is Karlie Kloss’ birthday.

I want to like Karlie Kloss. Unfortunately, she’s married to a Kushner. The only thing worse than that would be if she was married to a Trump.

I had a look at her horoscope and I was surprised to discover that the two of us have oppositions and squares galore in our natal charts. Her ascendant is in opposition to my sun by less than half-a-degree. Her moon is square my sun by less than a degree. Her sun is opposite my Mars by ten minutes. And those are just a few of the hard aspects in our charts.

I believe that we would probably get along in real life because there is something dynamic in our charts with all our shared cardinal energy. However, we are fundamentally different people — almost like a different astrological species. There is nothing in my character that would allow me to excuse the actions of the Kushner family. And let’s not forget that Joshua is a Gemini. Ugh!

So, for now I don’t really know what to say about Karlie Kloss. She’s a world-class model with talent to spare, and a decent “Project Runway” host, too. She seems nice, but even her sister-in-law, Ivanka Trump, puts on decent public facade at times. I just don’t believe that she’ll ever be able to wash the stink off after becoming Karlie Kloss-Kushner.

I suppose that it’s her own fault, though. She should have known that marrying him was a bad idea when her monogram became “K.K.K.” . . .

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