Bravo's Premiere Party For "The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills" Season 9 And "Mexican Dynasties" - Arrivals
Lisa Rinna & Erika Jayne (source:

July 11 is Lisa Rinna’s birthday.

I posted this photo yesterday for Erika Jayne’s birthday. I’m posting it again because it’s easier than looking for another picture to illustrate this post. Also, I’m sort of digging Lisa Rinna’s new wig.

I’m kidding! It’s just hilarious to me that I spend so much time discussing how Cancer women need to avoid “helmet head,” and the one housewife who is always accused of wearing a wig when she isn’t wearing a wig is a Cancer. I know, right?

Anyway, I’ve discussed Lisa Rinna before because she’s on my “Real Housewives Zodiac Dream Team.” I can’t remember if I’ve ever looked at her natal chart, though. It’s quite interesting. She’s got so many planets in water signs! She also has a bunch of planets that are very compatible with my natal planets, which goes a long way to explain why I believe that of all the housewives, she is the one that I would want to be my friend in real life. We are a lot alike.

Rinna’s moon is in Pisces, elevated in her tenth house and forming a grand trine with Mercury in Cancer in the second house and Neptune in Scorpio in the sixth house. The configuration grounds her in reality even when the rest of her chart isn’t necessarily grounded (she has a flaky Gemini rising, after all). However, retrograde Saturn is even closer to her midheaven in Aquarius in the ninth. It kind of sticks out like a sore thumb in her horoscope. It makes me understand how she is both driven and a virtual “hustler” with no qualms about doing what she has to do in order to make a living. I’m always going on and on about how my chart reveals a “Jack-of-all-trades” persona because of my ninth-house planets.

She’s got some other unique placements, including an 18°25″ Cancer sun that is experiencing a lot in this current cosmic climate. Her nodal axis is just a couple of degrees away, so with all the action in Capricorn on the opposite side of her chart, she’s probably undergoing an interesting time in her life.

Curiously, the aforementioned Capricorn action is occurring in her Karmic eighth house. This week’s episode of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” was sort of a vindication for Rinna who has been wrapped up in Lisa Vanderpump’s behind-the-scenes machinations before. I could barely believe my own eyes when I watched the women having lunch at Kyle’s house, basically washing their hands clean of LVP. Even Andy Cohen and the rest of the production staff were in on the “purge.” Has anything like that ever happened on any of these shows? I was inclined to give Lisa Vanderpump the benefit of the doubt, but knowing that the producers weren’t interested in working with her again was quite revealing considering that she is a huge fan favorite and the star of another Bravo show. And of course, this all happened when the part of Lisa Rinna’s chart associated with the idea of Karma itself was highlighted. After what happened with Yolanda, Rinna finally got to prove that she isn’t the villain of the show that she was made out to be. See — astrology really does work!

I suppose that the best thing to come out of this episode is that it clears the way for the return of Brandi Glanville. I’m kidding, sort of!

Whatever happens next season, it’s going to be fun to see. The show that debuted with four Virgo women will probably have no Virgo women on the cast (unless Camille returns, which is unlikely to happen considering her performance on the finale). Those four Virgo women have been replaced with four Cancer women who make for some great reality TV. At this point, I’ll even take Dorit over those Virgo housewives, and that’s saying something . . .

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