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Lisa Rinna & Erika Jayne (source:

July 10 is Erika Jayne’s birthday.

When I wrote my “Real Housewives Zodiac Dream Team,” I reluctantly chose Lisa Rinna over Erika Jayne, claiming that it was difficult for me to pick a favorite between Rinna and her fellow “Beverly Hills” housewife. I ended up choosing Rinna because she is a little more emotionally-demonstrative than Erika Jayne, and therefore a better textbook example of someone who was born while the sun was in Cancer. But I still adore Erika Jayne, and I can honestly say that the two RHOBH stars are my favorites on any of the “Housewives” shows.

At the time I described Mrs. Girardi as follows:

“Erika reminds me of the sort of “broad” who would have been a big star in the 1940s, like Barbara Stanwyck, another Cancer native. She’s often accused of coming off as “cold,” which is no surprise for a Cancer woman who has learned to master her emotions by wearing a facade of cool indifference.”

I was wondering what could make Erika give off those cool vibes (a constant plot point on RHOBH), and I wasn’t surprised when I looked up her natal chart and discovered that she has an Aquarius moon. Aquarius is the sign of emotional detachment. Moreover, Mars also resides in Aquarius.

I have some similarities in my chart (personalized Cancer and Aquarius placements), and I’m the first person to admit that I can be quite emotionally detached. In fact, I remember going to a job interview last year where I was asked to describe my worst quality. I told the guy that I sometimes go off into my own little world while performing mundane tasks and I get a look on my face that can be misconstrued as “resting bitch face.” However, that isn’t my worst quality. My worst quality is when someone walks up to me and pretends to know what I’m thinking because of the look on my face and says “What’s wrong with you?” It makes me want to kill them.

I believe that I know Erika Jayne pretty well, and I would bet that she would feel exactly the same way if someone did the same thing to her. In a recent episode, she was exceptionally annoyed by being asked repeatedly about her mood when she had clearly stated that she had a headache — a physical malady, not an emotional condition. Of course, being asked about her mood a million times over put her in a bad mood when she was simply trying to mind her own business and not allow her condition to spoil the day for anyone else.

To me, that episode represents the Cancer/Aquarius dynamic perfectly. It’s too bad that I don’t have Erika’s time of birth because I would like to see what else we have in common. I know that we also like dance music, Tom Ford, champagne, actual food and brilliant lawyers. I wouldn’t be surprised if we also shared our rising signs.

Anyway, I don’t regret picking Rinna for my “Dream Team” because she does wear her zodiac sign on her sleeve a little more than Erika. Nevertheless, I’d probably be better friends with Erika. Our affinities are written in the stars.

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