Star Struck Style

Bravo's Premiere Party For "The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills" Season 9 And "Mexican Dynasties" - ArrivalsLisa Rinna & Erika Jayne (source:

July 11 is Lisa Rinna’s birthday.

I posted this photo yesterday for Erika Jayne’s birthday. I’m posting it again because it’s easier than looking for another picture to illustrate this post. Also, I’m sort of digging Lisa Rinna’s new wig.

I’m kidding! It’s just hilarious to me that I spend so much time discussing how Cancer women need to avoid “helmet head,” and the one housewife who is always accused of wearing a wig when she isn’t wearing a wig is a Cancer. I know, right?

Anyway, I’ve discussed Lisa Rinna before because she’s on my “Real Housewives Zodiac Dream Team.” I can’t remember if I’ve ever looked at her natal chart, though. It’s quite interesting. She’s got so many planets in water signs! She also has a bunch of planets that are very compatible with my natal planets, which goes a…

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