I predicted that she would be back in 2020. I was off by a bit, but who knows what would have happened if COVID-19 didn’t get in the way? Regardless, I’m excited to see what she’s going to do with her own name on the line.

Star Struck Style

00-social-phoebe-philoPhoebe Philo (source: Vogue)

January 1 is Phoebe Philo’s birthday.

I didn’t know Phoebe Philo’s birthday when I published my latest book a few months ago. I had looked it up online dozens of times, but nothing ever came up. Then, just as the news broke that Philo was leaving Céline, I got an email from a friend in-the-know who had just interviewed the designer. The message read “OMG Greg, she is one of us . . .”.

I Googled Philo’s bio just a moment ago, and now her birthday actually shows up on her Wikipedia page. I wish I would have known it before, but it’s no big deal that I didn’t. The strange thing is that I had slotted Céline into the Aries chapter of my book for it’s no-nonsense approach to style. I put Raf Simons in there, too, and Alexander Wang. All three designers are Capricorn…

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