Bally Gismo (source: Zappos)

I told myself that I wasn’t going to buy anything else before my trip to Vegas in October, but yesterday I found a terrific deal on these Bally sneakers I’ve been stalking.

I’m not going to feel guilty about making an impulse purchase, and you shouldn’t either if the same thing happens to you today. For a couple of days, the planets are aligned in a manner that should see you buying things that will go a long way in your wardrobe. Good taste is the stars when Venus aligns harmoniously with Mars in Leo.

“Cafe Astrology” offers a more comprehensive interpretation of the transit, highlighting some of the impulsiveness that defines this annual event:

“Venus and Mars, both in Leo, align today, and we’re passionate and creative. Our desires feel urgent, and our patience can be short. Social relations are competitive and vibrant and perhaps demanding or extreme in some cases. There can be a strong impulse to start something new or make something creative. Venus is diplomatic, gentle, romantic, and sensitive, while Mars is more forceful, sexual, and assertive. Venus can soften Mars’ aggressiveness, or Mars can make Venus’ romantic impulses more forceful and pressing.

This transit heightens our feelings, which can feel pressing now, and generates warm, expressive, and lively energy. In some cases, this impulsive energy produces ‘love at first sight’ scenarios. We can be spontaneous, less inhibited, and perhaps a bit rash with our relationships, pleasure, or money.”

For most of us, being a bit rash with our money won’t be a big deal if we end up spending it on something that we’ve had our eyes on for a long time. All of us need to avoid the urgency cited in the above passage, yet with the sun in circumspect Cancer and the moon in discerning Virgo, that shouldn’t be a problem. Unless there is something in your chart at about 20° in the fixed signs to mess this up, everything should be all right in the universe today.

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