Phoebe Philo (source: Vogue)

January 1 is Phoebe Philo’s birthday.

I didn’t know Phoebe Philo’s birthday when I published my latest book a few months ago. I had looked it up online dozens of times, but nothing ever came up. Then, just as the news broke that Philo was leaving Céline, I got an email from a friend in-the-know who had just interviewed the designer. The message read “OMG Greg, she is one of us . . .”.

I Googled Philo’s bio just a moment ago, and now her birthday actually shows up on her Wikipedia page. I wish I would have known it before, but it’s no big deal that I didn’t. The strange thing is that I had slotted Céline into the Aries chapter of my book for it’s no-nonsense approach to style. I put Raf Simons in there, too, and Alexander Wang. All three designers are Capricorn natives.

Now is there something about Capricorn designers that makes them appeal to an Aries client? I suppose there is. Capricorns can cut through the crap like no one else. Aries natives express their sense of style most effectively when they get to the point. It’s an interesting collaboration between two signs that normally don’t get along. Neither of them like to concede power to the other.

I don’t have a time of birth for Phoebe Philo, so her moon could be in Scorpio or Sagittarius. I would bet that she was born during the first half of the day because I believe that the Capricorn sun/Scorpio moon combo would indicate a woman who “wears the pants,” both figuratively and literally. It would also explain the kinship between the designer and my journalist friend (she has a Capricorn sun and Scorpio rising). Philo also has the Capricorn sun/Mercury in Sagittarius combination that I’ve been discussing lately. I share that combo along with a lot of very fit people. Until just a moment ago, I had never noticed Phoebe Philo’s arms, but they look great! She has to do something to be that buff. Pilates perhaps? She’s got a Pilates body.

But I digress! It will be interesting to see where Phoebe Philo ends up. This is a wonderful time for Capricorns to reinvent the world so that it serves them better. With Jupiter moving over her moon as well in the next couple of years, she will likely find a more practical way to be both a mother to her children and a major force in fashion. By 2020, I can see Philo doing some very remarkable things. It’s in the stars.

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