Willam (source: The Philadelphia Inquirer)

June 30 is Willam Belli’s birthday.

I like Willam a lot. Nevertheless, he can be sort of exhausting to watch sometimes because he’s just so pleased with himself. I think that I have a similarly pompous shtick, but I also think that I know how to back off before I get to be too obnoxious. I don’t see the same instinct in Willam, so I was curious to look at his natal chart to find out why we are such polar opposites.

The reason, of course, is that we are polar opposites. He has a Cancer sun and an Aries rising. I have a Capricorn sun and a Libra rising. He has a Capricorn midheaven and Mercury in Gemini. I have a Cancer midheaven and Mercury in Sagittarius. The difference in our modus operandi is written in the stars.

Yet, we’re probably more alike than different with all our cardinal planets and points and our water-sign moons. I know that we both like to brag about our accomplishments, and that we both like to hold a grudge. Also, we’re both far too manly looking to pass as women when we’re in drag.

Okay, I’m kidding about that last one! I adore Willam’s drag and really enjoy watching him doing practically anything. Still, my favorite queens are a little more deadpan in their delivery. I guess that my Libra ascendant makes me a fan of subtlety. With Aries rising, Willam is about as subtle as a hooker standing on a street corner while eating a banana in a wet T-shirt.

Now, after writing that line, I realize that I probably just gave him the perfect quote to use on his promo material. Willam, you owe me . . .

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