G20 leaders summit in Osaka
Donald Trump (source: The Atlantic)

Mars moved into my tenth house a few days ago and I’ve wanted to punch someone ever since. Curiously, I wanted to punch someone while Mars was in my ninth house, too, but now I feel like I’d really land that punch, if you know what I mean.

As a Capricorn, tenth house transits should take on a more personal tone for me. I looked back to how I was feeling a couple of years ago (the last time Mars was transiting my tenth house), and I was pretty much feeling the same way. On the bright side, my energy levels began to peak during this transit. I got out of bed this morning full of piss and vinegar, eager to take on the world.

Mars moves into Leo on Monday, so perhaps my newfound energy will take on another dimension. Sometimes astrologers forget that Leo is a fixed sign while they talk about typical Leonine traits like magnanimity and graciousness. In my experience, Leos can be the most stubborn individuals in the zodiac. While Mars is in Leo, expect that lack of adaptability to merge with Martian aggression, causing people who the transit affects to be willfully — even gleefully — defiant. The buffoon in the photo above, with his late-Leo rising, is one of those people.

So, expect him (and others like him) to be even more trouble than usual through late August. Even then, Mars and the sun start to move in tandem through Virgo. I would expect Mars’ ingress into Virgo to usher in a less Leonine period, but as it pairs up with the sun, I’m not so sure that mitigating factors will prevail.

Oh well! I guess I ought to get offline and start working on my right hook . . .

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