Mercury (source: Mythologian)

So, I was just sitting at my computer, going through a few scenarios in my head regarding the upcoming month. You see, the store where I’ve been working part-time for the last fifteen months is changing hands. I knew that something was up shortly after I was hired last year, but I made a promise to my boss to stick it out. She was going through some personal issues that made it necessary for her to find someone to rely upon in the event that things went from bad to worse. They did.

I didn’t mind working there because it was a mostly stress-free environment for someone as unflappable as me. I needed something like that in my life while I figured out a new direction for myself. Nevertheless, I am ready and willing to move on now.

For that reason, I have already applied for a couple of jobs. I’ve also been offered a position at the same store, although I need to meet with the new owner before I make a decision (I don’t want to work for a creep). I also received another job offer at another store, and that’s what I was thinking about this morning. I was going to print out a resume and drop it off before I started my shift this at my current job this afternoon. Chances are, that employer would want me to start right away. However, I feel obliged to stick around at the job I have until the end of July when the store officially changes hands. I’m a pretty loyal guy.

Of course, I decided to look to the stars for advice and I found it. Mercury just moved into Leo where it will go retrograde in about ten days from now. It moves back into Cancer and then goes direct on August 1 at 23°56″ — four minutes from my midheaven but still in my Placidus tenth house!

What are the odds of that happening? What are the odds that I would be sitting here pondering my future and the answer would come to me with such precision? Basically, the universe is telling me that I’m not available to do anything else until August 1. What’s more, retrograde Saturn makes an exact conjunction with my natal sun on that day and the sun, Venus and Mars will all be in my tenth house of career at the same time. The sun and Venus will also be traveling in tandem through my tenth house throughout the month.

That tells me to wait until August to start something new. It also tells me that if I was practicing whole sign house astrology rather than using Placidus houses that all this would be happening in my eleventh house. Knowing that I’ve been through similar events in the recent past during this exact time of year makes me confident that the Placidus system is what works for me. Nothing about what is happening in my life (or what has happened before) relates to eleventh house matters. Nothing!

So, I’m going to fine tune my resume and drop it off before I go to work this afternoon, but I’m clearly going to state that I am not available until August 1. If anyone wants me, they’re going to have to wait. Plus, what kind of fool would I be to start a new job while Mercury is retrograde in my tenth house, anyway?

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