Debbie Harry (source: BBC)

July 1 is Debbie Harry’s birthday.

I put Debbie Harry on a pedestal in “Star Struck Style” for being an icon of Cancer style. That hairdo is the most perfectly-tousled hairdo in the history of fashion.

So, why would tousled hair be a Cancer thing? As I mention in my book, helmet head is a genuine problem for many Cancer women. I’d go on, but I want you to click the link above and buy my book instead.

I can’t remember if I’ve ever looked at Debbie Harry’s chart before. I just pulled it up a moment ago and I’m not surprised to see that it’s very watery and very earthy. She has the sun, Mercury and Saturn in Cancer with her sun almost exactly conjunct the north node. Her ascendant is in Scorpio and her moon is in Pisces. Venus and Mars are in Taurus, with Mars in the sixth house and and Venus in the seventh just a couple of degrees from forming an opposition with her ascendant. Jupiter is in Virgo.

I like to call these charts “muddy.” They generally depict someone who lives their life going with the flow and following their instincts. Debbie Harry’s chart reveals someone who is naturally pretty and charming, but also imaginative, quietly expressive, and able to form deep, long-lasting relationships with friends and fans alike.

The one thing that surprises me about Debbie Harry after looking at her chart is that she never had children. Her horoscope indicates someone who is quite maternal by nature. That honestly makes me question the time of birth noted on astrotheme.com, or wonder if she couldn’t have children for some sort of medical reason. Hmm . . .

I remember the first time I heard “Heart of Glass.” It was at a roller rink — I kid you not! I also remember the first time that I saw a photo of her when I was a kid. I used to read these British music magazines and they were lavishing praise upon her long before she had many any waves on this side of the Atlantic. Something about her just resonated with me from the first time I laid eyes on her, but I also have sort of a muddy chart, so I get it.

Anyway, as soon as I hit “publish” on this post, I’m going to go take a trip down memory lane and look at old photos of her online. Cancer is also the nostalgia sign, and with tomorrow’s new moon in the sign, the next couple of days should have plenty of us revisiting days gone by. Enjoy it before Donald Trump does something else stupid to fuck it up.

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