Isabella Rossellini (source: David Lynch Wiki)

June 18 is Isabella Rossellini’s birthday.

I’ve never got Gemini vibes from Isabella Rossellini, and now I know why. I just looked up her natal chart to discover that she has a Sagittarius rising that puts her Gemini sun in the seventh house. It’s joined there by Venus (which is strengthened in the seventh), and Mercury (which is in Cancer, not Gemini). She also has Pluto in the eighth house, Saturn in the tenth house, and a Taurus moon in the sixth house.

I can not only see how she ended up as the face of a cosmetics brand at the ripe, old age of twenty-eight, but I can also see how she is so much “heavier” than most flighty Gemini natives. I don’t mean that in a literal sense, but she seems to possess innate maturity and even a little gravitas when compared to most individuals who share her sun sign.

It’s an interesting horoscope: intellectual and airy, but also weighty and down-to-earth. It’s also quite lopsided with all of the planets in about a 170° section. I’m not really sure how to interpret the “bowl” chart type in this instance, however, because the IC is rather askew compared to the textbook version of a northern-oriented bowl chart. I believe it reveals a personality that is not quite what you see. Astrotheme (where I pulled up Rossellini’s natal chart) claims that this layout “indicates a rich and prevailing inner life that is not very visible from the outside.”

I can buy that because I basically just admitted that I don’t believe that Isabella Rossellini gives off Gemini vibes. “What you see is what you get” doesn’t really apply here, and the chart-type and the planetary placements say exactly that.

At least I think they do . . .

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