Venus Williams (source: Eurosport)

June 17 is Venus Williams’ birthday.

Say what you will about Serena Williams, her sister Venus is still my favorite. When Venus was at the top of her game, no one was playing tennis quite like her. She had the wingspan of an albatross and a calculated way of backing her opponents into a corner.

I had a look at her chart. Just for fun, I looked at Serena’s, too. It’s interesting to note that Venus’ natal moon is in Leo and her Mars is in Virgo. Serena has the opposite layout in her horoscope: the moon is in Virgo and Mars is in Leo.

Comparing charts in this manner is not my specialty, so I’m going to have a look online to see if anyone else has ever studied the very successful partnership of the Williams sisters. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that intuition (the moon) and athleticism (Mars) are a very important factor in a doubles tennis match.

With my own planets currently causing a bit of ADD, however, I started to do a little research and quickly found myself looking at Martina’s and Steffi’s charts (who, coincidentally, share Serena’s and Venus’s sun signs).

So, maybe I’ll revisit this topic sometime in the future. For now, I’ve got a million things to do in a half-assed manner. This really isn’t the best way for me to work. I can’t wait for the sun to move into Cancer so my brain can slow down a bit.

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