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No, not that “Young and Restless” . . .

Now that I’ve been publishing this blog for a couple of years, I’ve recognized the power of keeping a journal. I’ve mentioned that several times over the past few months. Almost every morning, I sit down and read what I wrote on the same day the year before and the year before that. What interests me the most is the consistency of tone from year to year and the way that my thoughts turn to specific subjects at particular times of the year.

In 2017, for instance, I was blogging about my restless sleep habits and my physical vigor right around this time. I attributed the uncommon sleep disruptions I had been experiencing to some transits involving my natal Neptune. I figured that my energy level had also been impacted by Mars transits.

In theory, that all made sense. However, I’m feeling exactly the same way right now. The one consistent factor in my chart during this week of the year is the opposition of the sun to my natal Jupiter.

Cafe Astrology offers this interpretation of the annual transit:

“Conflicting urges with regards to what you think you should do and what you want to do can be frustrating now. There can be a tendency to go overboard and to indulge in extravagances. Watch that you don’t overestimate your capabilities now. The desire to experience something new, or the desire for more freedom to explore new possibilities, can amount to restlessness if you don’t know what it is you want. Over-optimism can lead to losses or waste. Avoid boasting and indiscriminate generosity. The desire for something “bigger and better” could take hold now, but avoid throwing practical considerations out the window in your pursuit.”

I do feel conflicted because I am full of energy and I don’t know what to do with myself. The long, long nights where I live kind of mess me up because I want to be doing things but it seems like bedtime for most of the day — that’s what happens when it’s dark for more than seventeen hours a day.

The sun is in my third house. It is a comfortable position for me because I do operate well when it transits this part of my chart. And yet my mind is racing and I can’t really decide whether or not I should be hibernating or taking over the world. “Restlessness” been a consistent theme in my life during this weird week. I know that now because of this blog.

I hope that I return to my normal sleeping habits soon because I do get cranky when my sleep is disrupted. However, I also hope that I can hang on to this feeling of youthfulness for a while longer. I can’t believe that I’m as old as I am because my body feels fantastic. I thought that people started to fall apart in their fifties.

Whatever! I’ll take the young without the restless, thanks . . .

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