Christina Aguilera (source: IMDB)

December 18 is Christina Aguilera’s birthday.

Christina Aguilera has the sort of chart that I would display on the blackboard if I was teaching astrology classes. It’s a classic bucket-style chart with the handle of the bucket (the Taurus moon) highlighted both by exaltation and house rulership. Therefore, any consideration of her horoscope ought to begin with a discussion of the importance of that planet. It’s a triple-threat, as the saying goes.

Style-wise, I believe that the moon also plays a major role in the way that Aquilera has settled into a retro-glamour look after experimenting with plenty of other styles in her younger years. She has the open-mindedness of a Sagittarius native with the sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune in the sign (and Venus in the Sagittarius-ruled ninth house), but the significance of the moon in her chart overrides much of that. Presenting herself as a more-colorful, more-adventurous version of a Cancer-like personality fits her perfectly.

I adore the way that she looks. She may not be the best-dressed Sagittarius woman in the biz (I believe that honor goes to Janelle Monae), but she does have a style that is in-sync with her stars. I have nothing bad to say about her.

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