Weybridge Jacket (source: Belstaff)

I sometimes feel like one of those nuts who sees conspiracies in everything because when I notice patterns repeating around me, I take them as signs that the universe is trying to tell me something.

For instance, just the other day I noticed that Harry Rosen, the Canadian retailer for fine menswear, had started their seasonal sale. I clicked onto their site and the very first item to appear on the web page was this Belstaff jacket that I had already resolved to buy once it went on sale. I walked over to the store to try it on (I work next door) and I loved the way it looked on me. I could have purchased it right there and then, but my birthday is coming up and I figured that it would still be around in a couple of weeks. I got the manager of the store to confirm that there were still a few left in my size, and then I informed a few family members that if they were going to get me anything for my upcoming birthday, a gift card at Harry Rosen would be appreciated.

That jacket has been on my mind ever since. I haven’t been spending money like an idiot lately, so a big purchase like that shouldn’t be a big deal. Also, I am replacing a similar jacket that I’ve had for years. It’s a vital piece of my wardrobe, and I really don’t mind investing in high-end outerwear because it’s something that I wear frequently — it’s not like I’m buying a tuxedo or something else of dubious practicality. I can rationalize why I need this coat just as easily as I can explain that the universe is telling me that I need to buy it.

But that was just the beginning. I took out the garbage this morning and was greeted by the uncanny brilliance of Venus in the pitch-black morning sky. A moment afterward, I was checking out my daily horoscope on where I read this about Venus’ impending ingress into my second house:

“This influence can be financially either good or difficult, depending upon how you handle it. Financial opportunities may come up, but difficulties may arise from your tendency to be extravagant. Often your tastes will be more lavish than your budget can afford. You are especially susceptible to beautiful clothes, jewelry and art objects to beautify your home.”

Yikes! As if I needed any help being “susceptible to beautiful clothes.” The jacket I’ve been obsessed with is already on sale. In a few days, virtually everything will be on sale because that’s what happens this time of year!

Anyway, I’m going to take this as a sign that I need to hold it together and not give into my impulses to buy everything that I see during this six-week transit. I’m going to accept that these events happened in a particular order because the universe is trying to tell me to stay the course and not be distracted by my lavish tastes and my fondness for a good deal.

Of course, I’ll heed this advice right after I buy my jacket . . .

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