Donald & Melania Trump (source: USA Today)

It’s no secret that I loathe the two people in the photo above. But what does that have to with astrology?

Right now, the sky is full of auspicious, favorable aspects. Not only that, the outer planets are positioned in places where they work well. It’s almost a too-good-to-be-true scenario.

And why would I believe that? I was taught to look at natal charts that are too-good-to-be-true as lacking in the sort of tension that inspires individuals to excel at anything. Without tension in the horoscope, people underachieve. For instance, if you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth, there’s no reason to aspire to anything greater because things are already great for you. Like tension in life, tension in the horoscope can indicate that something better exists. It can inspire the will to achieve.

By extension, I look at auspicious periods like the one we’re in and I believe that people will take the easy way out when most of the planets are positioned in such a tension-free manner.

For that reason, I believe that Donald Trump is going to make a last-minute power grab before January 3, 2019, when the Democrats take control of the House of Representatives. That’s the easy way out for him. He is a career criminal who has been given ultimate power by a bunch of brainwashed morons who excuse his complete lack of consciousness and ignore his obvious moral failings. For him, crime has always been the easy way out. Don’t like my opinion? Then find another blog to read. Maybe the “National Enquirer” has a horoscope. Oh, right . . .

Anyway, I expect the shit to hit the fan — probably tomorrow, December 21, 2018, when Mercury meets up with Jupiter and Trump feels emboldened to dictate the “facts” as he would like his cult to accept them. New Year’s Eve also portends a major crapfest.

I hope I’m wrong! I’ve been reading other astrologers writing about how this is going to be the loveliest week of the year because of how the planets have lined up, but I can’t shake this bad feeling. When something seems too good to be true, it probably is, right?

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