Mountain Goat (source: Huffington Post)

At 3:23 this afternoon where I live, the sun moves into Capricorn.

Of course, I’m a Capricorn and I love this time of the year. The funny thing is that many of the Capricorn astrologers and astrology fans I follow on social media also get excited when the sun enters our sign — far more excited than anyone else gets when the sun enters their sign. This morning alone, I saw half-a-dozen posts about “Capricorn season.”

I believe the reason for this is that our sign is sort of maligned by others. Many of us have big egos and that can rub people the wrong way. However, I’ve always maintained that Capricorn natives are the wittiest, most self-deprecating creatures of the zodiac. While many people believe that we are too serious, most of us don’t take ourselves very seriously at all.

For that reason, we overcompensate by becoming our own cheerleaders. My Twitter handle, for instance, is “Team Capricorn.” I have a T-shirt with a Capricorn glyph that I wear proudly. The only thing that I don’t have is a goat tattoo. That’s more of a Scorpio thing. Those Scorpions also feel as if they are misunderstood, so they become their own cheering section, too. Many of them get Scorpio tattoos to indicate that they are a part of the the “team.”

But I digress! It should be an interesting “goat season” this year. Around the time of the solar eclipse on January 5, five planets will all be in Capricorn at once: the sun, the moon, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. The last time there was a major stellium in Capricorn was during the late eighties. Many people born during that time are going to be bombarded with conjunctions to their natal planets in a rather overwhelming manner. For a lot of those kids, their Saturn return could indicate a figurative fall from the mountain. For nimble goats, the secret to success is to remember that when you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up. For those born with different sun signs, I don’t know what to say except that I wish you luck. You’ll need it.

I’m kidding! We all go through similar situations throughout our lives. Whether or not you’re able to get back up once you’ve fallen is up to you. Take advantage of the Capricorn influences in your chart and make 2019 the sort of year where you take two steps forward for every step you slide back. Slow and steady progress is the theme now. Don’t despair if the pace seems oppressive because you’ve got your whole life to get somewhere. That’s the Capricorn spirit!

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