The Sun, Mercury, Venus & Earth (source: YouTube)

I had a very bizarre encounter yesterday.

I work part-time in a store owned by a French luxury brand. A man came into the store last night carrying a bag from Tumi. I love my Tumi backpack and I’m always telling everyone how wonderful it is. I mentioned the bag and he told me that it contained a Christmas gift for someone else, but he also mentioned that he has a Tumi briefcase of his own. Then I noticed that he was wearing a T-shirt from a brand called Black Clover. Just that morning, I was wearing my Black Clover T-shirt that I had purchased in Las Vegas. He got his in Phoenix. Next, he picked up a pair of shoes that I already own and asked to try them on. He liked them enough to take a photo of the box so that he could tell his wife to get them for his birthday. I asked when his birthday was. Of course, it was January 6: the same day as mine.

The similarities didn’t end there. He looked great: tall, fit, athletic, with good teeth and great posture. He was six years younger than me, and like me he seemed to possess a lot of vitality for his age. There was something sort of commanding about his physical presence. Earlier in that same shift, my coworker told me that she thought that I was an intimidating presence.

Anyway, I found out his year of birth and looked up his chart shortly after he left the store. We share our sun, Mercury and Venus placements, and the latter two planets are situated quite similarly with only about five degrees difference between their natal positions.

I remember posting something last year on this blog about how often I would come across very fit, very vital individuals who possessed my sun in Capricorn/Mercury in Sagittarius combo (the actor Wilson Cruz was one of the examples I provided). This guy reminded me of that, but he also shared my natal Venus in Aquarius placement and my profound appreciation for the finer things in life.

There are 180 potential sun/Mercury/Venus combos. I don’t know if anyone has ever broken them down into definite personality types, but after meeting my doppelganger, I’m entertaining the idea of doing that myself. The sun/moon/rising combo that most people who study astrology use a reference point to understand personality types has 1728 possible combinations: far too many to describe in a book. But this other combo is actually quite manageable in its scope. It doesn’t intimidate someone as loquacious as me, anyway.

I’ve had a few projects floating around my head for a while. Maybe this is the one.

Stay tuned . . .

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