NY Special Screening of "#Horror", New York, USA
Tara Subkoff (source: Variety)

December 10 is Tara Subkoff’s birthday.

In the fashion world, Subkoff is well known as one of the founders of the label Imitation of Christ. More art project than fashion brand, Imitation of Christ had a high-profile run during the early aughts.

What intrigues me is that Imitation of Christ was presenting something that I would expect a Sagittarius to create. Many people in the fashion business saw it as the brand that made upcycling stylish. Subkoff herself was more interested in making theatrical political statements in a venue where she was sure to be heard.

Sagittarius natives love to shout their opinion from the rooftops. They are rarely subtle about it, but depending upon other chart factors, they can be artful about it. What interests me the most about Subkoff, however, is her relationship with Scorpio native Chloë Sevigny and the process of resurrecting previously owned clothing — a very Scorpio-like concept.

Subkoff’s horoscope not only reveals a Sagittarius sun, but also Mercury, Venus and Mars in Scorpio. Considering where her natal planets reside, she truly unlocked the potential of her unique natal chart. She’s one of those designers who makes my job easy by doing exactly what I would expect them to do.

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