Jessica & Cody (source: E!)

December 11 is Jessica Nickson’s birthday.

Until recently, Jessica Nickson was known as Jessica Graf. She first appeared on “Big Brother 19” where she met her husband, Cody Nickson. The pair then won Season 30 of “The Amazing Race.”

I liked Jessica on “Big Brother,” but I liked Cody more. Cody was the grouchiest contestant in the history of the franchise. It was hilarious watching him compete once he realized that he was stuck in the house with a bunch of lunatics. I assumed that he was a Capricorn, like me, because I can’t fake enthusiasm in situations like that. I had a hilarious conversation with author and actress Sarah Colonna on Twitter as the two of us went down a rabbit hole trying to figure out if he did indeed share our zodiac sign. I guess that we saw our spirit animal manifested in Cody’s contempt for his fellow house guests.

I guess I wasn’t that surprised to discover that Cody is an Aries. Yes, they can be exceptionally intolerant of that sort of glib stupidity that makes a terrific “Big Brother” contestant. After watching Jessica support Cody on “The Amazing Race,” I also wasn’t surprised to learn that she is a Sagittarius. These are two signs that bring out the best in one another. Sagittarius natives make Aries individuals realize that there are more important things in the world than winning, and Aries natives make Sagittarians focus on what’s right in front of them — something that can be a challenge for someone who was born under the sign of the archer.

Of course, there are plenty of other factors to consider, but as far as sun-sign matches go, this one is right at the top of the list. I’m happy to see that it’s working out for these two. After announcing that they’re expecting, Jessica and Cody got married just a couple of months ago. I hope that they hurry up and have that baby so that they can come back to the “Big Brother” house and wreak havoc once again. In a season where I hated almost every other contestant, I loved watching them.

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