I almost forgot that I wrote this precious gem last year.

Star Struck Style

Beale-AnnRulesTedBundybookTed Bundy (source: The New Yorker)

November 24 is Ted Bundy’s birthday.

A lot of astrologers have explored the charts of serial killers. I know that plenty have come to the conclusion that a preponderance of serial killers are born with mutable sun signs. As far as I can tell, the evidence seems to support that.

I’m not really into the serial killer genre, but I admit that sometimes those stories can be quite compelling. I did enjoy “Dexter,” and “Hannibal” might be my favorite TV show ever. I recently watched “Mindhunter” on Netflix, and it shows a lot of promise, too.

But I don’t really get into the “true crime” stuff like a lot of other people. I don’t look up the charts of serial killers and try to find connections between them. Nevertheless, I just looked up Ted Bundy’s chart and was immediately struck by the similarities…

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