Joe Zee (source: Fashionista)

November 23 is Joe Zee’s birthday.

I was sort of surprised when I found a natal chart online for fashion personality Joe Zee that included a time of birth. Upon closer inspection, though, I discovered that the time of birth listed was speculative. The reason for that is that someone quoted Joe Zee as he mentioned that he is a Sagittarius with a Taurus rising.

It’s easy enough to punch up a chart with a Taurus rising by tweaking your computer program until everything lines up the way it should. However, if I was doing the same thing I would use 15° Taurus to compute the rising sign so that I could look at the chart from a “most likely” perspective using Placidus houses. As it appears on astro.com, Joe Zee’s natal chart has a 21°43″ Taurus ascendant, giving him a natal moon and a natal Mercury dangerously close to house cusps.

I suppose that wouldn’t make a difference if was using whole sign houses, but I don’t and I’m not going to start using that system any time soon because I’ve got thirty years of experience using Placidus houses. If I didn’t see them working in my own life, I would have abandoned them decades ago.

Anyway, I would be delighted to learn Joe Zee’s actual time of birth. I think I’m going to drop him a line on social media and see if I get a response. Maybe I’ll be able to revisit this issue sometime in the future. Occasionally, people actually get back to me.

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