Mercury (source: NASA)

I don’t look at my progressed chart very often because I don’t pretend to be an expert in predictive astrology, especially as it applies to somewhat symbolic predictive traditions such as progressions. But once in a while, I have a look at my progressed chart just to see if anything interesting is happening.

Since I’ve been writing this blog, only a few major events have occurred. I’ve seen some action around my natal Neptune as my progressed ascendant formed a conjunction with the planet. I was having weird dreams and some very uncharacteristic sleep disruptions around that time. I also posted something about how my progressed moon formed a conjunction with my north node. I’m not much of an advocate for using the north node as a crucial point in birth chart interpretation, but in this instance, the interpretation of the aspect made sense at that point in my life. Finally, I did publish this post in July about my progressed Mercury moving into the sixth house.

Revisiting what I wrote, I’m pretty confident that this upcoming even is beginning to affect me. What’s more, I took the advice of Dark Pixie Astrology and read the following two sections since the author claims that a similarity exists between the progressed house transit and the progressed sign transit:

“Progressed Mercury in Leo
When your progressed Mercury enters Leo, you have a need to express yourself completely. You want people to know who you really, truly are, and you want to shout it from the rooftops. You’re more gregarious and warm in your communications, and have a better sense of humor. You want to have fun and share that fun with other people. How you express yourself feels more personal now, and if someone disagrees or judges some part of your expression, you can take it too much to heart or become arrogant. Try to stay flexible and allow other people to have their own opinions. Check which houses your natal Mercury is in and rules to see in what ways you may wish to express yourself.

Progressed Mercury in Virgo
When your progressed Mercury enters Virgo, you hone in on exactly what you need to learn and refine to better yourself and your life, and exactly what you need to eliminate. There’s no wasting time on things that aren’t necessary, and you want to do everything that you can to improve your life. You’re excellent with work projects, and can make advancements at work because you work to the best of your abilities, and have great focus. You can also improve your health, eliminating bad habits and pick up good ones. Check which houses your natal Mercury is in and rules to see what abilities you need to refine.”

This all makes sense to me, just like it made sense to me back in July when I first blogged about it. I feel as if I’m becoming somewhat more willing to do things on someone else’s terms. For me, that’s quite a transformation. I don’t believe that I’m particularly stubborn or fixed in my ways, but it’s nearly impossible to try to get me to do something that I don’t want to do. I often use the example of dancing to a horrible song at a wedding to describe my style of stubbornness. There’s no way in the world that I’m going to get up when the DJ plays a Britney Spears song — you know what I mean? I know that my body isn’t going to cooperate with me when I get on the dance floor, so why bother getting off my ass?

Anyway, the more I am around people with Leo or the fifth house highlighted in their own charts, the more I am amazed that people regard Taurus as the “stubborn” sign. There is nothing more exhausting than trying to get a Leo to change their mind about something.

So perhaps I need to look at this upcoming event as something that can potentially make me less “fixed” and more “mutable,” like Virgo and the sixth house. I’ve claimed that I’m very much like a Virgo a million times before. As this progression happens, maybe I’ll actually learn to be even more Virgo-like — at least in the way that my mind works. For someone who is tremendously open-minded, I can be a stick in the mud sometimes. I’d be happy to know that that’s about to change.

I’ll let you know in five months from now . . .

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