Mercury (source: Ancient Origins)

I’ve been exploring my own chart for the past couple of days. I’m sure that writing blog posts about myself makes some people believe that I’m vain, but this is how astrologers like me get good at what we do: we study charts, including our own.

Anyway, I had a look at my progressed chart to see if anything was happening in the near future. Nothing much is going on, but I did figure out that Mercury moves from the fifth house to the sixth house next April.

I had a pretty good idea of what that would mean to me, but I Googled the topic so that I could confirm my suspicions. The first thing that came up was a site called Dark Pixie Astrology. Here is what the author had to say:

“Progressed Mercury in the 5th House
When your progressed Mercury enters your 5th house, if you don’t get to express yourself, you feel like you’ll explode. It becomes one of the most important things in your life, and it’s something you constantly strive to do. The world needs to hear you now. Progressed Mercury in the 5th house is similar to progressed Mercury in Leo, so read that placement for more information.

Progressed Mercury in the 6th House
When your progressed Mercury enters your 6th house, you figure out how to be more discriminating, and use it to your advantage. You won’t waste your time on anything that isn’t worth your time. This can be a good time to get involved in work that involves writing, communications, or technology. Progressed Mercury in the 6th house is similar to progressed Mercury in Virgo, so read that placement for more information.”

I totally understand that interpretation. However, what interests me more is the notion that Mercury is leaving my very crowded progressed fifth house where it has been sharing its influence alongside the sun, Mars, Saturn and Chiron.

If I am to believe that progressions are a valid form of predictive astrology, this fifth-house stellium has been affecting me since about 2009. Progressed Mercury’s ingress into my sixth house will be a major shift.

Still, I’m not really sure what to believe. I’m going to pay attention to the changes and hope for the best (I’ve mentioned before that I seem to thrive when planets are playing nicely in my sixth house), but I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for a profound change in my outlook. Nevertheless, I will welcome it if it arrives. I like the forecast that I posted above. It would be a nice change of pace.

I’ll let you know what happens in about nine months from now.

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