Sagittarius (source: EarthSky)

The sun moves into Sagittarius tonight or tomorrow morning, depending upon where you live.

The sky was notably lacking in the fire element for the past couple of months. Just over the last few weeks, however, Mercury moved into Sagittarius where it slowed down and turned retrograde, Jupiter entered Sagittarius for a thirteen-month stay, and Uranus backtracked into Aries for brief last stand in the sign.

Now the sky seems to be notably lacking planets in air signs, with only retrograde Venus occupying Libra at the moment — and that transit is going to be over in two weeks.

So what does that mean? Less thinking and more doing. Still, tomorrow night’s full moon will be in Gemini, an air sign. I believe that it will reveal something that has been deficient in your life. The so-called “big picture” associated with Sagittarius with be illuminated, perhaps by light or maybe with words. Contentious communication may be your call to action.

For you Americans out there, expect a riotous Thanksgiving where politics will dominate the dinner table conversation. Venus in Libra might be begging us all to get along, but Mars in Pisces could have your drunk uncle pushing all the wrong buttons. My advice? Push back!

Thankfully, I’m in Canada and I have the day off. I’ll be at home thanking my lucky stars that I’m not an American . . .

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