Emilio Pucci (source: reed.edu)

November 20 is Emilio Pucci’s birthday . . . or is it?

Wikipedia lists today as the legendary designer’s birthday, but astro.com has a natal chart (including a time of birth) in its database that lists Pucci’s birthday as November 21. To be honest, I trust the latter source more than the former in this instance.

Using the data from astro.com, Pucci has some significant Sagittarius influences in his chart — exactly what I expected to see. His rising sign is Sagittarius, and Venus is conjunct Mars in Sagittarius, but far enough behind his ascendant to reside in the eleventh house. What’s more, either date of birth would likely endow the designer with a Capricorn moon in mutual reception to Saturn in Cancer. If the time of birth is correct, this configuration occurs from the first to the seventh house. It’s a remarkably complex set of factors that makes sense considering what a complex, remarkable man Pucci was.

But why did I believe that I would see Sagittarius influences in his chart? I guess I knew that his signature kaleidoscopic prints did not resonate with signature Scorpio vibes. Even years after his death, his legacy lives on in patterns that are better suited to sportswear than anything else. I associate him with leggings, scarves and swimwear, not the evening gowns of former Pucci creative director, Peter Dundas.

Just yesterday, I published a post about Rick Owens. Of course, the “Goth” designer is a Scorpio. Erdem, the current champion of dark romance in fashion, is a Scorpio, too. Jonathan Saunders, a Scorpio designer who is known for prints, is more of a master of balancing color — something that is indicated by the Libra influences in his chart, not his Scorpio sun. Pucci’s best work, on the other hand, is synonymous with exuberance: a typical Sagittarius quality.

It’s all there in his chart, including his military career and his work with institutions like Braniff Airways and NASA; the mutual reception between the moon and Saturn also indicates someone with great reverence for authority. It makes me wish that I would have looked at his chart before. I could honestly look at it all day!

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