Star Struck Style

582_pucci-layeredEmilio Pucci (source:

November 20 is Emilio Pucci’s birthday . . . or is it?

Wikipedia lists today as the legendary designer’s birthday, but has a natal chart (including a time of birth) in its database that lists Pucci’s birthday as November 21. To be honest, I trust the latter source more than the former in this instance.

Using the data from, Pucci has some significant Sagittarius influences in his chart — exactly what I expected to see. His rising sign is Sagittarius, and Venus is conjunct Mars in Sagittarius, but far enough behind his ascendant to reside in the eleventh house. What’s more, either date of birth would likely endow the designer with a Capricorn moon in mutual reception to Saturn in Cancer. If the time of birth is correct, this configuration occurs from the first to the seventh house. It’s a remarkably complex set…

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