Star Struck Style

00-rick-owens-birkenstocksRick Owens (source: Vogue)

November 19 is Rick Owens’ birthday.

I just discovered that Rick Owens’ middle name is “Saturnino.” Knowing what I know about where the planets were during the 1960s, I immediately knew that Rick Owens’ natal Saturn would be in either Capricorn or Aquarius: one of the signs over which it rules. Maybe that was going to explain some of the “darkness” in the designer’s work.

I suppose it does, but after I punched Rick Owens’ birth data into my computer, I saw a few other things that caught my eye. He has Mars in Leo. I consider him to be a performer as much as I consider him to be a fashion designer. In fact, I’ve complained that he should be showing his work at the couture shows rather than the ready-to-wear shows because what he puts on the runway doesn’t typically resemble what he…

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