Rick Owens (source: Vogue)

November 19 is Rick Owens’ birthday.

I just discovered that Rick Owens’ middle name is “Saturnino.” Knowing what I know about where the planets were during the 1960s, I immediately knew that Rick Owens’ natal Saturn would be in either Capricorn or Aquarius: one of the signs over which it rules. Maybe that was going to explain some of the “darkness” in the designer’s work.

I suppose it does, but after I punched Rick Owens’ birth data into my computer, I saw a few other things that caught my eye. He has Mars in Leo. I consider him to be a performer as much as I consider him to be a fashion designer. In fact, I’ve complained that he should be showing his work at the couture shows rather than the ready-to-wear shows because what he puts on the runway doesn’t typically resemble what he sells in stores. In that respect, he’s more like Rei Kawakubo than most other designers who show in Paris. He isn’t creating demi-couture, like Mary Katrantzou, but he isn’t showing his actual line on the catwalk. His shows are a performance piece — just what I would expect from someone with Mars in Leo.

He also has four planets in Scorpio: the sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune. His natal moon is in Virgo, alongside Uranus and Pluto. His natal Jupiter is in Pisces.

Mars in Leo is definitely the outlier in this otherwise heavy, dark chart. I don’t have a time of birth for Owens, but I would suspect that his natal Mars is placed strongly — the first or fifth house perhaps. Rick Owens is a fit guy who has publicly discussed the importance of having a healthy, sturdy body on which to hang clothes. That is a Saturnine concept in theory, but maybe a Martian concept in practice.

I guess I’ve got another designer in my database who needs to drop me a line to let me know what time he was born. I would love to look more deeply into Rick Owens’ chart. He is one of the few designers I have actually misjudged in the past and the more I learn about him, the more I appreciate everything that he brings to the world of fashion.

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