Christian Siriano & Whoopi Goldberg (source: SBS)

November 18 is Christian Siriano’s birthday.

Christian Siriano has a unique, bundle-type chart: all the planets are within 120° of one another. Bundles typically indicate specialization. Someone with this type of chart is likely terrific at what they do, but not likely to encounter success until they truly embrace their calling.

Curiously, the fashion designer has become the most-successful winner of “Project Runway” by not only sticking to what he does best, but also by discovering the so-called niche market of inclusivity. In theory it doesn’t seem like such a revolutionary idea to make clothes for all shapes and sizes of women, but in practice it is. Very few designers have accommodated such a broad base of clients.

Siriano has the sun in Scorpio and the moon in Aquarius. Just the other day, I wrote a post about several women who have the sun in Scorpio and Aquarius rising, including Whoopi Goldberg. I suppose that I shouldn’t be surprised to see that Whoopi Goldberg is a supporter of Christian Siriano, as indicated by the photo posted above. That hat though . . .

Anyway, I don’t have a time of birth for the designer, so it’s difficult for me to put his chart into a context where I could really understand it. Nevertheless, it’s a well-balanced horoscope, with the planets quite evenly spaced even though they are bundled. Venus in Scorpio is in mutual reception with Mars in Libra. I would love to know which houses they occupy because it would explain a lot about Christian Siriano.

Just one of these times I’m going to write one of these things and someone is going to get back to me to let me know when they were born. Drop me a line, Christian Siriano! I’d be thrilled to take a deeper look into your chart.

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