Ramona Singer (source: Bravo)

November 17 is Ramona Singer’s birthday.

I don’t have a time of birth for Ramona Singer, but on the day she was born the moon was definitely in Taurus. Sun in Scorpio/moon in Taurus is a stubborn combo. The “Real Housewives of New York” star also has Mercury in Scorpio. Once she has made up her mind, it’s probably quite difficult — and time consuming — to get her to understand that alternative viewpoints even exist. It’s a glacially-slow combo.

Venus, however, is in Libra. In her heart, Ramona Singer actually does want everyone to get along. She just has difficultly putting that into practice because it takes so long for her to process the aforementioned alternatives. What’s more, she has Mars in Pisces. Her aggression toward those who would challenge her is expressed rashly and inconsistently.

Her show is filming right this very moment. I imagine that this upcoming season is going to be a doozy because of the current planetary positions and the way that they affect the charts of the cast. Dorinda and Sonja are Sagittarians who should be feeling emboldened with Jupiter moving into their sign two months into the filming schedule. If that means that the booze will be flowing — which it should — I’m all for it!

I can’t wait to see how this turns out . . .

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