Olive Branches (source: Wikipedia)

Venus turned direct in Libra early this morning. Until December 2, this is a great time to repair damage done to relationships. More importantly, it’s a terrific time to recognize that you’ve been beat and to move forward into a future where you must subordinate your own desires for the common good.

Not everyone can be in charge. Not everyone can get their own way. Venus wants us all to get along. We can’t get along when all we want to do is be crowned the winner. This is going to be a difficult couple of weeks for people who demand that they remain in charge when barely anyone else shares that opinion. Be wary of Leonine types (sun or rising in Leo) who demand deference. Bossy Aries natives, conservative Cancer individuals and know-it-all Capricorn types might also stir up some trouble. Some people will do anything to ensure that you don’t snatch that olive branch from their hands.

At the moment, it is as if the olives branches are in-season and so readily available that we can all carry one. Venus in Libra is an egalitarian position, yet not a particularly aggressive placement for the planet. However, this is the final part of a retrograde phase. Issues concerning where we have relinquished power in the past will be revisited, putting the power back in the hands of the people. The American election provides a perfect parallel to this planetary event. The UK is undergoing a similar cosmic reckoning. Checks and balances are being restored, or at least I hope they are.

You get an olive branch, and you get an olive branch, and you get an olive branch . . .

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