Something’s Gotta Give (source: Us Weekly)

Here’s a photo from the film “Something’s Gotta Give.” I’ve never seen it, but I’m sure that it’s delightful because it stars two Capricorns, a Taurus and a Virgo. Can you imagine a more-compelling cast? I can’t!

Anyway, I’ve been blathering on and on about all the changes in the sky for a couple of weeks now. While a few have occurred, a few others are about to occur. Tomorrow, Venus goes direct, followed by Mercury going retrograde. Both planets are essentially stationary at the moment. Neptune goes direct in nine days, too, meaning that it is also stuck in the same place in the sky at the moment.

A lot of astrologers like to discuss the retrograde phases of planets, myself included. However, to me the stationary periods of planets seem to be of greater consequence to individuals who have the degrees where the stations occur personalized in their natal charts. Retrogrades are broader in their scope. Stations are more exact. It’s like comparing an aspect with a wide orb to one with a tight orb. The latter should always take precedence over the former in interpretation.

So, I pay attention to stations. And with three happening all at once, I imagine that I’m not the one who feels as if something’s gotta give right now. Big changes are on the horizon.

I could get more specific. For instance, Donald Trump’s Twitter account panic attack this morning makes believe that he knows that he has been cornered by Robert Mueller. Still, I don’t think that’s he’s the only one who knows that the universe is about to right itself after thirteen months of Jupiter’s work behind the scenes in Karmic Scorpio. Many people will be on edge because of the recent ingress of Jupiter into Sagittarius and today’s ingress of Mars into Pisces.

Whatever happens, it’s going to initiate a few months of happenings in general. The great cosmic slowdown of 2018 is over. Something’s gotta give. Something’s gonna give.

Soon . . .

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