Feedback (source: Spotify)

With three planets transiting my second house at the moment, I’ve discovered how much I rely upon positive feedback from others in order to perform my duties at work in an exceptional manner.

When I’m receiving negative feedback (or even neutral feedback), I immediately question the source of the feedback. That’s my defensive Cancer moon at work. For that reason, working with people who demand perfection from others while never demanding it from themselves can put me in a no-win situation. I don’t take criticism that I don’t deserve. I’m a Capricorn, not a scapegoat.

On the other hand, I thrive on positive reinforcement. What’s more, I’m quite gracious and humble when I’m rewarded with positive feedback. I’m not the sort of person who displays my trophies for all the world to see, despite my enormous ego. I’m thrilled that I can learn things like this about myself at my advanced age. I’m also thrilled that this facet of my character can be so well-explained by the combination of my Capricorn sun, my Cancer moon and my Libra ascendant.

How do you respond to feedback? Can you make a connection between the way you receive that sort of information and your individual horoscope? Let me know in the comments section or on one of my social media pages.

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