“Troll” (source: IMDB)

The sun enters Sagittarius early tomorrow morning where it will join both Mercury and Venus. On Wednesday, the new moon in Sagittarius occurs just three minutes before Jupiter turns direct in Pisces.

The combination of these events could embolden many of us who have been feeling as if our voices have not been heard. However, with Jupiter lingering in the final degree of Pisces until mid-December, irrationality will be in the air. People are going to believe what they want to believe and they are going to let you know it.

With Twitter turning into a social-media Hellscape under the tutelage of Elon Musk, this is going to be a great time to stay off the site. Facebook can be equally as offensive, so it might be wise to back away from that site, too. And if you do choose to visit either of those social media platforms, take my advice and don’t feed the trolls. Instead, turn your energy toward educating yourself while the sun transits Sagittarius. The wild centaur that represents the sign could eventually mature into a wise, old centaur like Chiron if given the opportunity. And when I advise you to educate yourself, that doesn’t mean watching another YouTube video posted by someone who is trying to sell you something. Gullibility is in the stars while the aforementioned planets remain in their current positions.

In a month from now, common sense will begin to prevail. Until then, make the sensible decision to avoid arguing with people who feed off of the negative energy they generate. Starve them until they go somewhere else to fill the holes in their souls.

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