Jupiter (source: Google Arts & Culture)

Jupiter turns direct in Pisces tomorrow. The planet turned retrograde back in July.

That is quite encouraging for me. July was the month where nearly everything changed at my place of work. Curiously, Jupiter’s retrograde cycle has taken place entirely within my sixth house of service. Not only did I get a new boss and a new job during the planet’s retrograde phase, but the organization I work for made some major changes about the way that they operate. Many of those changes did not work out as planned, and this week appears to be the week that many of us are staffing up in order to fix all the unanticipated problems that have arisen during the last few months.

On the bright side, I was promoted during this phase. Nevertheless, staffing issues have not allowed me to perform my duties as they are dictated in my job description. I had to be more “fluid” in order to meet the demands of my position, which makes perfect sense considering that Jupiter’s retrograde cycle has taken it back into Pisces.

Anyway, I seem to be pulling everything together despite the fact that the universe has been eager to pull everything apart. That should end now that Jupiter is direct, and once it reenters Aries around the time that the sun enters Capricorn, I should start to see a more obvious path forward with less distractions. Or at least I hope I do. The sixth house is an orderly place, and this Jupiter retrograde phase has been disorderly to say the least. I’m thrilled to know that it’s finally going to be over.

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