Orion Nebulosity by Jean Guimond (source: SkyNews)

Neptune goes direct this evening.

The slow-moving planet has been pretty much stuck at the same degree for quite some time. It won’t actually leave it’s retrograde shadow for a few months. Nevertheless, the nebulosity of Neptune’s retrograde cycle should begin to abate soon.

Cafe Astrology has a great explanation of this astrological phenomenon:

“Neptune turns direct now after several months of retrograde motion (since June 18th). Now and in the coming few weeks, confusing situations become clearer, and our creativity soars, or at least, we are more confident about applying our creativity in the real world. Instead of thinking of this period as a time of disillusionment, we can see it as a time of illumination–when we increasingly see the light. We have more faith in our dreams and visions, in others, and our belief systems. We begin to seek inspiration from external sources. While today’s station can point to some disorientation, we’re confident about taking steps to make ourselves feel more secure and safe as well as for pursuing family or domestic activities. We’re ready to support or defend our loved ones now.”

I’m a big fan of Cafe Astrology because Annie Heese, the owner of the site, is terrific at getting to the point. Just a few minutes before I logged onto WordPress to compose this blog post, I was on Twitter reading what a few of the other astrologers I follow have to say this morning. Believe me, I wish that those “confusing situations” were made “clearer.” I am often the king of digression on this site, but I certainly know how to get to the point when it is necessary. Almost everything that I read this morning on Twitter could be described as “nebulous” at best. “Incomprehensible” would be more accurate.

With the sun, Mercury and Jupiter all in Sagittarius at the moment, we are likely to look at “the big picture” while failing to pay attention to the details. Yet the problem with this current Neptune station is over-correction. We understand that things are foggy so we overcompensate with unnecessary detail and irrelevant diversions.

I’ll be happy when Neptune gets moving again. It’s actually backed-up to be within a degree of my natal Saturn: a generational aspect that should be affecting many people my age (I’ve actually written about my weird dreams and their association with this transit). In June of next year, it stations again right on top of my natal Chiron. Again, that’s a generational thing many people in my age bracket will be feeling already. I ought to make a point of figuring out what that’s doing to my other fifty-something friends. Maybe someone else has already written about it.

But I digress, as is the custom on this blog. F***ing Neptune . . .

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