Queen Elizabeth II & Anna Wintour (source: Hello)

November 3 is Anna Wintour’s birthday.

Anna Wintour’s natal chart on has no time of birth noted. I often speculate about where someone’s natal moon may be when I look at a chart with no birth time. In this case, I know Wintour’s moon is in Aries because it was right in the middle of the sign at noon on the day she was born.

However, Mercury moved from Libra to Scorpio in the early evening on her birthday. She has a fair chance of having both a Scorpio sun and a Scorpio Mercury.

I believe that this is the case. It is very unusual for a woman who has ascended so high in the world of business to have any wishy-washy planets in her chart. Sun in Scorpio/Mercury in Scorpio indicates a character who is direct — even cold — when it comes to business. That was my experience with Anna Wintour. She didn’t really scare me when I worked at “Teen Vogue” because she was just so matter-of-fact and impersonal with her decisions. She didn’t coddle anyone.

I suspect that a Libra Mercury would make her out to be more gracious and a little more phony. She doesn’t lack grace — far from it — but I have a heavy dose of Libra in my chart and I very much live by the adage “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” My Libra rising makes me put on the charm to my advantage when I could probably be impersonal and direct in order to get what I want. Sure, Mercury isn’t going to have the same effect in a natal chart as a rising sign, but it’s going to have a major impact upon the way an individual communicates with others.

And Anna Wintour is a communicator, like me. I tried to cast a horoscope for her using a few different birth times to see if I could put her sun and Mercury in the third house like mine, but it doesn’t really work. A birth time around 9:00 PM would put her sun and Mercury in the fifth house, and that makes more sense to me considering that she chose to make a career in the fashion business.

Still, I’m not quite satisfied with the outcome of this speculative venture. I’d really like to know her time of birth, but I probably never will. I know that she doesn’t like horoscopes in her magazines, so she probably isn’t too keen on astrologers, either.


  1. I’ve also wondered about her ascendant. I get the impression of Leo. If you cast it for around 11pm it would place her mercury in the 3rd house and her moon and North Node in the 9th. This axis makes sense for writing, publishing and being an editor. The Moon and North node in the 9th indicates someone being an expat which she definitely is and her sun falling in the 4th would make her the “matriarch so to speak” of Vogue. Now if you look at the Leo Rising, you would find Pluto right on her ascendent (followed by Mars in industrious and critical Virgo). This placement makes her spooky and intense plus scary as f*ck. Leo rising is glamorous, powerful and usually warm but Pluto puts the kibosh on any affability. Still though, Leo needs a gimmick which she’s cultivated with her signature bob haircut and dark sunglasses (since her ascendant’s ruler falls in secret agent Scorpio, she can’t help but be a touch enigmatic). Also her 10th house of career would be in Taurus and its ruler Venus falls snuggly in the 5th house of creativity making a delicious aspect to her moon – but this is my take…


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