Money (source: The Canadian Encyclopedia)

Jupiter moves into Sagittarius this week. I suppose that I could post something that advises you what to do during this thirteen-month cycle, but I’d rather discuss what’s happening with me. I know, right?

The last time Jupiter moved through Sagittarius was in 2006-2007. After being underemployed for quite some time, I got a new job and took control of my financial situation. Jupiter, of course, was transiting my second house at that time. That part of my chart runs from about 13° Scorpio to 15° Sagittarius.

I not only kept that job for ten years, I quickly proved my worth to my employer and moved into a position where I was making more than enough money to keep me happy. Unfortunately, the retailer I worked for was a disaster waiting to happen. When I discovered that they couldn’t pay their suppliers, I was out the door. I wasn’t going to hang around so that they could rip me off, too.

Anyway, I’m in a similar position right now. I’m working. I’m not making enough money, and yet I’m hopeful that something good is going to happen to me. Jupiter in my second house has made me optimistic about my financial future. I truly understand my own value as an employee, and I’m reminded of my value constantly by my coworkers who are always happy to see me. It takes me back to the first few months when I was working at my aforementioned job. I was the star of my department at work and I continued to shine until the moment I walked out the door.

So, I’m going make a point of becoming more “gainfully” employed during this transit. I promised my boss that I would hang around through the Christmas season at my current job, but I’m eager to find something more rewarding to do in the future. I want to make more money. With Jupiter in Sagittarius in my second house for much of 2019, that should be something I can achieve.

Wish me luck!

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