Star Struck Style

anna-wintour-the-queen-tQueen Elizabeth II & Anna Wintour (source: Hello)

November 3 is Anna Wintour’s birthday.

Anna Wintour’s natal chart on has no time of birth noted. I often speculate about where someone’s natal moon may be when I look at a chart with no birth time. In this case, I know Wintour’s moon is in Aries because it was right in the middle of the sign at noon on the day she was born.

However, Mercury moved from Libra to Scorpio in the early evening on her birthday. She has a fair chance of having both a Scorpio sun and a Scorpio Mercury.

I believe that this is the case. It is very unusual for a woman who has ascended so high in the world of business to have any wishy-washy planets in her chart. Sun in Scorpio/Mercury in Scorpio indicates a character who is direct — even cold…

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