Tom Ford (source: The Business of Fashion)

The sun enters my second house tomorrow where it will join Venus. Mercury will join the party on Sunday.

The second house rules over possessions and many of the things that we value, so I am a little worried about buying more things that I don’t need. Still, I’ve been placing a premium on debt-reduction lately, and I hope that I will continue to behave that way over the next few weeks. The interpretation for this transit of the sun on alludes to my sense of control over my spending:

“At this time you should reflect upon your values and the things that you value. During this month-long transit you should examine your relationship to the resources of your life. At this time you need to express yourself through your material and nonmaterial resources, using them to define you to yourself and others. Now you want to have greater control of your life through the things that you value. On the material level this may mean that you will acquire possessions in order to gain more control over your own life or over other people. On the psychological level it indicates a need to assert your value system. But remember that others have a right to their own values. You should stand up for your own, but not by obliterating someone else’s.”

Of course, I woke up to news that Kering is in talks to buy Tom Ford. That would be good news for me, because I adore many Kering brands and the way that Kering does business. I wouldn’t have to worry that my favorite designer label is going to be in the hands of a company that could run it into the ground. Curiously, the last two new posts that I published on this blog were about the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas which is also the home of Crystals, the fabulous luxury mall where I recently visited the Tom Ford boutique to stock up on underwear.

This all is related. The decadent side of my nature is revealed during second-house transits, so I’ve got Tom Ford and Las Vegas on my mind. However, this time I’ve also got my indebtedness on my mind and the idea that paying interest on my debts is preventing me from living the lifestyle that I would like to live. That’s actually a breakthrough for me. Now if I can just take that revelation and put it into practice, I might be able to start going to Las Vegas a couple of times a year, and I might be able to afford more that just Tom Ford underwear the next time I visit one of his stores. Either that, or I’m going to spend the next four weeks blowing money on things I don’t need and eating so much that I will no longer fit into my Tom Ford swimsuit.

I hope that I can keep it together. I feel as if I’m actually making some progress. The stars seem to be lining up in my favor . . .

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