Star Struck Style

cess-tilda-swinton-tim-walker-las-pozas-03-l (1)Tilda Swinton (source: W)

November 5 is Tilda Swinton’s birthday.

Just a couple of days ago, I published a blog post about Anna Wintour where I speculated that her Mercury was likely in Scorpio (it changed signs on the day she was born). I get cool vibes from Anna Wintour. I also get cool vibes from Tilda Swinton, and she has Mercury in Scorpio. Hannelore Knuts, a model who shares Anna Wintour’s birthday, has Mercury in Scorpio, too. Curiously, she reminds me of Tilda Swinton.

Anyway, I saw this photo of Tilda Swinton this morning and immediately knew that I wanted to use it to illustrate this post. When I clicked on the link, I discovered that the dress in the photo was designed by Francesco Scognamiglio, a designer that I associate with Scorpio. And then another weird coincidence occurred to me. I remembered a time when I was…

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