Pat Buchanan (source: National Review)

Today is Pat Buchanan’s birthday. I wasn’t really interested in giving him the time of day, but just for fun I looked up his natal chart.

Yikes! Pat Buchanan has a 29°55″ Leo rising according to I’m always the first person to tell everyone not to trust in the birth times listed on these sites, but I do believe this one is accurate. That’s because it’s only 3″ away from Donald Trump’s 29°58″ Leo ascendant.

What are the odds that these two would share an ascendant right down to the degree?

If you’re not sure who Pat Buchanan is, click the link above and read what people were writing about the relationship between the two assholes long before Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

I couldn’t stop myself from looking up who else has a Leo rising, so I turned to the search tool on When you search a rising degree, it gives you results with about a 1° orb. Of course, some of the results surprised me. Drake! Heidi Klum! Some, however, didn’t surprise me at all. Bernard Arnault! Bernie Madoff!

Again, I should provide a disclaimer when I’m posting about a point on a birth chart that depends upon an accurately-recorded time of birth. A minute can make all the difference in the world. Birth records not only rely upon accurate record-keeping, but also upon accurate time-keeping.

Nevertheless, I can’t stop myself from comparing Pat Buchanan to Donald Trump. Google the two names together and you’ll soon learn that I’m not the only one who feels the same way.


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