Jenny McCarthy (source: ET)

November 1 is Jenny McCarthy’s birthday.

I have a sort of love/hate relationship with Scorpios. I suppose that the reason for that is the Scorpio natives in my life. I have been betrayed by a few Scorpio individuals who have really made it difficult for me to trust anyone born under the sign.

I know that we all have personal biases that make us avoid getting close to individuals with particular zodiac signs. I got in trouble earlier this year when I posted a bunch of personal opinions about the Gemini natives in my life while the sun was in Gemini. The Gemini natives who responded to my posts confirmed everything that I said about them by barely even reading my posts before they commented on them. If I tell you that you would benefit from not blurting out the first inane thing that comes to your mind, don’t respond by saying something that roughly translates to “I know you are, but what am I?”

The Scorpios who annoy me have a similar modus operandi. They seem to accuse me of exactly what I find them guilty of doing: being inconsiderate jerks. I point out when they’ve been awful to me, and they tell me I’m being inconsiderate because I’ve acknowledged their bad behavior. It’s exhausting trying to argue with them, though, because once they can get something into their head, it can be impossible to change their mind.

I guess that’s why Jenny McCarthy rubs me the wrong way with her anti-vaccination shtick. When she was on “The View,” I couldn’t even watch her while she attempted to rationalize such an unreasonable argument. It was as if she wanted to come across as this effervescent personality when in reality she was one of the most stubborn stars I’ve ever seen on the show. Only Rosie O’Donnell was less compromising. Don’t even get me started about those Aries natives!

Anyway, I want to like everyone regardless of their sun sign, but some of you make it tough for me. I’m sure that plenty of you feel the same about us know-it-all Capricorns. I suppose we’re even now . . .

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